Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kaffir Lime Can Help You

Today I will tell you another tip to heal your hair loss, I'm sure you will like it because this tip is very easy and very helpful. Beside stopping your hair loss you will also gain new healthy hair.

I'm not sure if you've ever heard of the Kaffir Lime. Here in Thailand, we have lots and we also use this for cooking, but in another way this Kaffir Lime is very useful for health and beauty care.

Since I was young, my Grandmom used the Kaffir Lime to shampoo my hair and this is one of my secrets for having good healthy long hair.

So now I'm going to tell you how you can use this Kaffir Lime to Stop Your Hair Loss. Let's begin right now...

Firstly you need 3 Kaffir Limes. Grill the limes till they turned soft. (make sure you don't burn them, put the fire low). Cut in half and squeeze out the juice. Shampoo your hair like normal, after that apply the lime juice all over and softly massage your scalp to make sure that the lime juice start its work. Again like the other tips, you need to wrap your hair with warm towel for 30 mins and rinse out with cold water. Follow this hints for 1-2 times a week you will own healthy hair so soon.

May be you would say that you can find the shampoo with the Kaffir Lime, I had tried already the result was not as good as using the fresh juice. Thus giving you little difficulties but it's worth utilizing.

Hope these tips are useful and can help you out from your problems and please feel free to leave comment or say Hi.

Have a nice Wednesday,


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